Dragons of Earth

by 1.21 Jiggawatts

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The largest threat to national security this country faces is the people in charge of that security
Do we fight to protect our freedom, or our own self interests? Or the interests of the men behind the scenes
Corporate donations to campaign funds influence policy, so then who are we actually voting for?
Invent threats to scare the nation, to make us embrace the protection, that takes away our civil rights!

Making war for peace, keeping peace with war, my brother fought and died, not knowing what it’s for.
Wading through the blood, even spilled it’s not enough, to sate our appetite, while we’re fighting the good fight

Screaming, for a revolution, screaming, in the name of the constitution

Homeless in the street, murder at their feet, our nation doesn’t weep, trivial it seems
Focus all our aid, on countries underpaid, on sickness overseas, while at home we’re all diseased

Screaming, for a revolution, screaming, in the name of the constitution
Screaming for a new world x2

See a land, a shell of its former self, a nation divided, conquered for it’s wealth
Crying out loud, not making a sound, listen to me, now you will see
The future has yet to be determined, this farce we’ll erase, set things in their place
It’s time for a change, do things the right way, open your eyes and now we will rise

We need leaders to take the reigns, people who aren’t afraid to affect a change, people who will do what it takes to get things done.
Violence is not the answer; I can’t even remember the question. But it still rages on so now we’ll fight a different kind of war.
We’ll undermine your authority at every step, we’ll question your decisions with every breath, we’ll take it away till there’s nothing left
We’ll take back the power, that was ours to begin with, we the people we the people we the people.

We are the sickness we are the cure
Steal from the rich and give to the pure.


released December 31, 2009



all rights reserved


1.21 Jiggawatts Boston, Massachusetts

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